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European Hidden Treasures

What is EDEN

Eden Network is an association of sustainable tourism destinations in Europe. It promotes a new way to travel in Europe, drawing the value and the diversity of emerging European tourist destinations. Visitors will experience the real country and culture as it is lived every day. Activities and offers are made in a way that guests can experience a region from inhabitants close to local habits.

This website purpose is to destination members

  • to discover one another beauties;

  • to be inspired by one another initiatives;

  • to connect one another to the same priorities.

This Network is made of
51 destinations in 21 Countries

What's Your Experience

The purpose of this site is to help you to find destinations promoting sustainable tourism. In the same way, you’ll be be able to find a partner for your business…This plateform must be very practical and will be day by day the witness of our way of living!