Best Practice in Innovative Marketing

Runner Up:
Nin Innovative marketing

Magical story about Nin – heavenly town and European destination of excellence – tells about exquisite natural wealth arisen on the estuary of the river Miljašić Jaruga into the sea. It’s a story about historical heritage on a tiny island where continuous living lasts for more than 3000 years. It’s a story about the place which many birds have chosen for their home, about Natura 2000 habitats, rare and endemic plants and story about adaptation and endurance of life in the lagoon. It’s a story about millennial tradition of salt production, medicinal mud that already half of the century improves human health, particularities of the climate, lifestyle of local people depending on the sea and sustainable and ecological development of tourism. After entering EDEN network Nin started the project Eco Park Nin’s Lagoon that includes educational processes for local inhabitants and tourists, construction of wooden footpath ne twork along the lagoon, development of events and designing innovative ecological tourist products. It’s a story worthy of continuous forthcoming preservation, building and development in a smart and responsible way. Eco Park Nin’s Lagoon is a story about magical beauty of the lagoon and fairytale royal town of Nin which since 2010 obtained 4 ecological quality marks and title to be one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. In order to continuously educate inhabitants and visitors and to promote Nin and EDEN brand posters of the lagoon’s panorama and photos of important birds living in the lagoon have been placed in 2 bus stops. Tourist Board of Nin placed photos of panorama and rare and endangered bird species living in the marshes on 2 bus stops with the aim to even better educate local people about the wealth of the lagoon. Eco Park Nin’s Lagoon is exceptionally important habitat and one of only few rare habitats on the Croatian coast with rich bird life consisting of around 200 different species. Croatian biologists (volunteers) teach workers in tourist segment about significance and biodiversity of the lagoon and how to observe the birds and develop birdwatching and photo-tourism. Tourist professionals present to the public adopted knowledge through posters on the bus stops. Therefore, stations apart from their basic function got new promotional and educational purpose. From now on, while waiting for a bus, residents and visitors can widen their knowledge by looking at the wonderful views of the lagoon and rare birds. Idea to place posters in the bus stops emerged from the fact that Nin is European Destination of Excellence and is developing project Eco Park Nin’s Lagoon. Stations will serve as permanent exhibition of photos of the most known marsh birds living in the lagoon like endangered black-winged stilt (Himantopus himantopus) listed in the European Red List of Birds, kentish plover (Charadrius alexan drines) and others.

Criteria 1: VISIBILITY

With its cultural and natural attractions Nin draws numerous tourists during the whole year and especially in the season. Many come by bus and educational stops are places that they use, but waiting stations are also visible to those passing by in a car. Educational bus stops highly contribute to increased visibility of natural features especially birds in the destinations of Nin, Eco Park Nin’s Lagoon and EDEN brand. It’s estimated that during last 2 years more than 2 million tourists (estimation based on realised overnights) saw the posters with panoramic view of the lagoon, birds and EDEN logo in the covered bus stops. They are especially important for tourists arriving to Nin for the first time because the first contact with images in the bus stops informs them about sights of the destination and natural wealth they can expect in Nin..

Criteria 2 : IMPACT

Educating local residents especially young populations, hence pupils who commute a lot, and visitors. Educational waiting stations contribute to increased satisfaction of local community because their aesthetic value amuses passers-by who gave us feedback about these emotions. There is increased awareness of local people that they are living in exceptionally valuable and biodiverse environment. In addition they have effect on recognition of the destination of Nin as a unique ecological and biological lagoon location in which diverse birds live. There is also a purpose to attract guests and visitors interested in natural and cultural heritage because photos, besides endangered and interesting bird species, show aerial views of the lagoon. Positive effect is also visible in sharing good practice, therefore nearby town, shortly after realization of the project in Nin, accepted the same idea and placed panoramic views of their town into their bus stops. The project influences development of new and sustainable forms of tourism (birdwatching, photo-tourism) among professionals and amateur photographers.


Educational bus stops greatly contribute to increased visibility of the lagoon’s natural features especially endangered bird species nesting in the salt pans, development of Eco Park Nin’s Lagoon as well as to promotion and recognition of EDEN brand.