Best Practice in Social Media

Runner Up :

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Increasing our visibility on social networks was made in different steps:

1. Entirely redesign our website :
We previously had an over-blog, that was not complete enough. After following cursus, we created a new website, that is now really complete. You can find on it all our events, maps of our walking trails, accommodation, what to see and what to do. This site can be directly reached ( but is also integrated in the municipality website. A training about indexing on google was also very important to create this new website and to make it more visible.
2. Unify our name on different networks
After a social media coaching, we decided to change the name of our facebook page, to make a more direct link between this page and our website. Our page was previously named “Syndicat d’Initiative de Silly” and this name was really difficult to find with a standard research.
To be consistent, the same name has been choosen for our instagram account, created later.
3. Create a visual identity
Still discussed during our media coaching, our visual identity has been changed and harmonized: the same logo, colours and fonts are used for all our publications : paper brochure or leaflets, newsletter, website, mails, facebook page,… This aims is to make our public identify us at the first glance.
4. Innovate with a professional newsletter
I also followed a training to learn how to create professional newsletters. These ones replace our traditional old mails that were sent for every event. Our visual identity is used for this newsletter which is sent 1 time a month during the high season and every two months the rest of the year. The same newsletter, but still more informative, is always sent to local press at the same time.
5. Use some paid publicity on facebook
For our biggest events this summer, we paid advertisements on facebook. We chose to reach a public close to us, and decided to target these people on their interests. Aftermovies of our biggest events on facebook also brought us an important number of new fans.
6. Create and promote an instagram account
In order to improve our visual impact, we created an Instagram account and the #tourismesilly. For the next season, we will encourage its use and the sharing of this keyword.
7. For the future
If we have more time to manage these different networks, we would like to develop a twitter account, especially to reach local and traditional medias and to inform them about our activities.
8. Conclusions
Social networks and new medias are very important but a large part of our public is still only receptive to traditional medias, that’s why we need to manage both sources.
All these actions, carried out together, helped us to increase our visibility by 75%. We are also regularly shown as an example of good website management.

Runner Up:
Mincio Park

The Eden has became “star” in hundred of photos taken in two photographic contest organized by the Park – for every kind of photographer, amateur or professional – and posted live on Facebook Page Parco del Mincio to raise awareness of our Eden destination “Valli del Mincio and Mantua lakes”.
The first contest – in June -, named “Mantova skyline” and dedicated to the rinascimental city profile reflecting in the water of Mincio river, got 43,000 views. The second – in July -, named “Riflessi di loto” and dedicate to the delicate ecosystem in natural reserve and Eden destination “Valli del Mincio” – where the presence of a large island of lotus flowers is a “symbol” of the territory – got 54,000 views.
The two contest was attended by 80 photographers who have produced more than 700 photo dedicated to flora, fauna and EDEN landscapes. A committee has selected the 10 best photos that have been “voted” on the on-line issue of the main local newspaper, the Gazzetta di Mantova.
The winning image of the contest has been also valorized on Instagram account of the Gazzetta di Mantova – who has 9,500 followers – and used as cover of the weekly insert of the newspaper.
In a second selection we have chosen 56 photos that have been printed in large format for an exhibit in the center of Mantova. The exhibition has also become a social event that produced a lot of posts created by the authors, their family and tourists. Thousands of people have admired and, in turn, photographed the images on display.
Facebook Page Parco del Mincio has 3,624 fans and every day we publish photos, link, status or video that describe and promote our Eden destination. We also cross-post the storytelling about Eden destination “Valli del Mincio” in our Twitter account, @ParcoMincio, which has 569 followers and about 3,000 views a month, and in the new Instagram account, @visitmincio, which has 112 followers.