Best Practice in Offers for Singles/Female Travellers

Winner :

Idrija became EDEN destination in 2011, and since then we actively promote Idrija as an EDEN destination. We’re engaged in all EDEN promotion activities created by the Slovenian Tourist Board (brochures, newsletters, articles, web page, tourist fairs etc.). There are lots of other marketing activities made: presence on all official social media “Visit Idrija” (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube). We create, share and like all EDEN posts on and social media. We present Idrija as an EDEN destination on,, etc. Idrija Heritage Centre (responsible for the marketing communications) includes the logo of EDEN in ads, brochures, newsletters, articles, posters, cover photos, etc.
In 2016 Idrija participated in EDEN55plusNW project (“Slow down to feel the life in EDEN destinations”). It connected four neighbouring countries and five pilot EDEN destinations in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and targeted seniors 55+ from Italy. The goal was to enhance a sustainable tourism development, to strengthen the whole EDEN network and to design suitable cross-border tourism products in pilot destinations for seniors 55+ (special programmes for women and couples) to increase tourism flows in low/medium seasons in these areas. The focus was also on facilitating the internationalization of tourism businesses (mainly SMEs-), senior organizations and their introduction into the senior tourism market. We focused on increasing the awareness about the natural, cultural and intangible heritage.
We intend to promote and sell these tourist packages to the potential visitors and tourist organisations. With all these activities we provide Idrija to be known as one of the most attractive EDEN destinations. Our goal is to present Idrija as a boutique destination; therefore we aim to develop new programmes that will be tailored to different tourist target groups.