Best Practice in Offers for the “Silver Generation”

Winner :
Terme Tuhelj

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An active holiday at a mature age has not only become a holiday, but also a lifestyle. Terme Tuhelj is creating special programmes for active pensioners who want an active retirement with healthy nutrition and activities. The active holiday is based on a combination of vital nutrition and activity. The morning starts with a house ritual featuring 3-minute exercises to awaken vital energy being a perfect start of the day. At the meals, guests can choose food labelled with an apple symbol, meaning the dish contains the best combination of nutritional elements as well as local Zagorje foods. The active holiday features activities in thermal water, such as exercises with physiotherapists, exercises with equipment and aquaerobics. The resistance of the healing thermal water strengthens the cardiovascular system and helps to stay fit. Likewise, regular walks with an introduction to the surroundings and exploring by bike additionally complement their programme. They leave the care for the body to the healing thermal mud that deeply cleanses, tones, refreshes and restores the skin, thus seniors can try it out in the Sauna World along with the sauna programmes. In summer, they can further relax at the pools with clear spring thermal water where they can enjoy thermal mud directly from the source.

Runner Up:

Time to enjoy life to the fullest!
Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of daily life, endless obligations and deadlines, city noise and pollution?
You deserve a vacation tailored to your desires – pleasure for your senses, soothing for the body and soul – the city of Sinj and the Cetina Region. The uniqueness of this remarkable region lies in the variety and numerous opportunities lying at the disposal of the ever welcome visitors. There are not many places where the God-given beauty and the fruits of human labor blend into such an ideal whole which will please even the most demanding among us.

Starting from the chestnut trees of the Alka race track, safeguarded by the Sikirica’s sculpture Alkar, immerse yourselves into the magical world of the city of the knights. Three world-class museums will enchant you with their valuable exhibits: Museum Alka of Sinj, the Europa Nostra Award winner for 2018, is one of the state-of-the-art museums in Croatia. You will be astounded by the interactive presentation of the knightly tournament under the protection of UNESCO. The renovation of the Museum of the Cetinska Krajina Region is being funded by the European Union as a part of the Sinj u sridu project. The Museum preserves an invaluable archaeological and ethnological treasure as well as the Archaeological collection of the Franciscan monastery, the fourth oldest and the fourth most important collection in Croatia. Be sure to visit the Church of the Miraculous Madonna of Sinj, masterpiece of the religious art and the greatest Marian shrine in southern Croatia. Particularly inspiring is The Our Lady of Sinj Route, a pilgrimage path charted by the old walking trails and the old railway of Sinj, called rera, which takes you to a spiritually fulfilling journey enriched with the picturesque landscapes, bridges and ancient fortresses, witnesses of times long forgotten.People of Sinj are happy to organize numerous manifestations in order to save the valuable heritage from oblivion: every manifestation will enrich you in its own unique way.Only ten minutes walking distance from the square is the Kamičak fort, a small fort that was once an observatory, and today keeps accurate time and offers a beautiful view of Sinj – a panoramic view reaches far into the fertile soil called Sinjsko polje interlaced with the flow of the Cetina river, the karst beauty. A little further away, a beautifully decorated path leads to the Old Town fortress with the view reaching even further to the peaks of the mountains Kamešnica, Dinara, Svilaja and Visoka, vigilant watchers that will instantly lure you to explore their many hiking and walking trails.Push your own limits and go hiking or trekking; unspoiled nature will endow you with power. Protected landscapes of Sutina and Rumin conceal an invaluable treasure of flora and fauna and no outing will remain unrewarded. You will also be astounded by the breath of past on solid foundations of old mills that once fed generations grinding wheat with the power of water, perfectly symbiotic with nature.The source of life and the sovereign ruler of this region, the clear river Cetina will gladly take you canoeing down its gentle flow and convince you that age is nothing but a number – pleasure is limitless.You can experience firsthand the unique connection between the Town of Alka and the the noble horses: climb the saddle and treat yourself to an unforgettable horseback riding experience across the field Sinjsko polje and the hippodrome, the second largest in Croatia, in the safe hands of the qualified horse riding instructors.When you are in Sinj, you do it our way – satiate your hunger with the traditional meals that will tickle your taste buds for quite some time and you will want to know how they are prepared. Complement everything with maraština and hrvaština types of homemade wine.Beautiful in all seasons, Sinj will provide you with a holiday you’ve always been dreaming about, and so much that you didn’t even think you needed. Apart from the many possibilities of affordable and cozy accommodation, all you have to do is pick the date and let your spirit and body be completely healed.

Runner Up:
Scattery Island

Located just off Kilrush in Co. Clare, Scattery Island is truly  a unique visitor experience on the Wild Atlantic Way. Our Silver Generation Guests to the island fall in love with the wealth of historic sites, which includes five Churches, a Cathedral, a magnificent Round Tower, Napoleonic War Artillery Battery and a working Lighthouse. Today the island is completely uninhabited and guests can explore its ancient historic sites and experience its unspoilt natural beauty in peace and tranquillity.

Our Island Experience begins with a departure from Kilrush Marina through the locke gates.  Our ferry has a hinged door that allows for easy onboard access. We then cruise through the smooth waters of the Shannon Estuary past the neighbouring Hog Island and picturesque Cappa Village. On arrival to the island, guests begin their scenic walking tour around the monastic sites while they listen to the fascinating story of the island that begins with St. Senan, who established a monastery there in the 5th Century.  The story continues with the Viking invasion and Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland who defeated the Limerick Vikings in a great battle on Scattery, the arrival of the Spanish Armada, right up to the last of the islanders who lived on Scattery up to 1976.  They will visit the islands round tower that is believed to predate Clonmacnoise, St. Senan’s grave and the islands well, which is said to have special healing powers! Once the tour is completed, guests are free to explore the Southern end of the island where they can visit the islands Napoleonic Artillery Battery and working lighthouse. Scattery really is the ideal destination for anyone interested in Ireland’s rich cultural history.

The walking paths are predominantly grassy paths and there are no large hills to climb. The walking pace of the tour is slow and there is plenty of seating areas along the tour to allow guests to rest, soak up the ambience and listen to the lapping waters on the shoreline.

Once back onboard, our guests can avail of a hot cup of tea and relax onboard until the ferry departs.  We ensure that guests  have all facilities such as a water dispenser, and toilet facilities  both on the ferry and the island. We also keep a stock of complimentary umbrellas onboard in case of a shower.. well.. it is Ireland afterall!!

Scattery leaves a lasting impression with visitors of the Silver Generation who really do appreciate the island’s rich cultural history. It is as if the land and the buildings are talking to you – a silent speech, about its life and times and the great people who lived there during a history that spans from the 5th to the 20th century.


Runner Up:

Ottignies the town that welcomed the Catholic university of Louvain enriched itself culturally with touristic attractions due to the construction of the new town. Created on paper and constructed in the middle of fields, Louvain-la-Neuve is an extraordinary university town at all level, be it urbanistic, architectural, cultural or social. Pedestrian, green and of human size, Louvain-la-Neuve offers many public spaces that rhythms’ the pace and initiates easy encounters. Numerous architects took part in its construction leaving free course to creativity, which gives the town a modern and nearly futuristic aspect. But the founders of Louvain-la-Neuve never imagined a town without art. A lot of sculptures and murals, sometimes curious, can be seen by all in the town’s public spaces. Finally, discover the greenbelt of Louvain-la-Neuve, the wood of Lauzelle, area of recreational and scientific activities or make the most of a guided tour around the lake and observe the wildlife and flora. You will be able to see ducks, coots or maybe deers, as well as gather excellent advice about the plants that can be found. Nearby another forest called “Wood of dreams” spread his green valley from the lake of Louvain-la-Neuve till the city center of Ottignies.

Our local guides will lead your group following the maze of streets, in the woods or until the lake to walk through the green part of the town. Our team of experimented guides are used to fit the features of the groups, most likely seniors.

The thematic of the visit for your group is at your choice and organized on demand by the tourism board. Each visit can be combined with one of the two museums, the “Hergé Museum” and the “Museum L” or you can take advantage of a program “à la carte” and make your own combination.

Information : Office du Tourisme-Inforville – 010/47 47 47 – –

Most of our visits are accessible to those of reduce mobility and to visually impaired persons. If you are concerned with limited mobility, you can reserve the Joelette ! A Joelette is a one wheel chair which allows access to uneven paths for persons with limited mobility. The town of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve lends free of charge a Joelette in the case of a guided tour reserved via the Tourisme- Inforville Office. It is also possible to rent it as an individual visitor for a walk in the woods.

Information : Handicontact – 010/43 61 73 –

Runner Up:
Romantic Nin Eden

In case you belong to the silver generation and feel the monotony of everyday life, Nin will surely be a sight for your sore eyes, and the stay there will serve as a cure for your soul and body reminding you that the enjoyment of life lasts forever. We bring to you a story about your ideal holiday spot – the romantic town of Nin.

Nin is an Eden destination, and this label has given it the title of one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. The unique sandy Nin Lagoon has been classified into the ecological network NATURA 2000 and is found at the heart of the five Croatian national parks. It was here that the town of Nin originated 3000 years ago, clustered in a small area of the historical islet.

Love is definitely the strongest emotion, and Nin is a romantic town for all generations. The way it mysteriously attracts  the “Silver Generation” is depicted in the following 2 stories. Marija and Julijan met and lived in the continental part of Croatia. They renewed  their vows of a happy 50-year marriage in Nin. It was love that brought them to Nin and they replaced their holiday time in Nin by permanently  living there  and now  you can see them walking along the coasts holding hands on a daily basis. This is their reality and the beauty of one of the myriad of love stories from Nin. We kindly ask you to take a look at the film about them and their grandchildren.

Our second story is about the Austrian couple Marina and Juergen, who were attracted to Nin by several emotional holidays. The love for the historic town, the clean and untouched nature, long sandy lagoons, the divine view of the Velebit Mountain which is really breathtaking, the local lifestyle and the love of birds all inspired this couple. Now you can surely see them at the annual gathering of bird watchers  and countless traditional events.

We invite you to experience the following: Become a salt picker for at least one day, experience what our saltworks offer and visit the museum and salt house. At the Eko health resort, the medical staff will help you restore your vitality and eliminate back pain and difficulty in movement using therapy involving healing mud. The mysterious Nin has for centuries been sanctified by the Mother of God who gathers believers and the curious around the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Zečevo several times a year . For a moment, plunge among the pilgrims and explore the local tradition through pilgrimages and processions. Be an archeologist and independently explore the turbulent history of the town with irresistible energy. Discover why one of Judas silver coins is preserved there, why it was one of the most important ports of the Adriatic, why it hides the largest Roman temple on the eastern Adriatic coast, why the Croats chose it to be their first capital, look for the church which resembles a castle, find out why there is a church called the smallest cathedral in the world located in Nin … After a tour, taste the Mediterranean cuisine and unravel the local delicacy with outstanding flavor  named sokol. Discover for yourself why Nin is a romantic and Eden destination.

If you prefer an active holiday, there are several opportunities: ride a bike, run along the wooden paths of the lagoon, learn to play mini-golf, ride on horseback, enjoy all the water sports at Camp Zaton. The saying goes that age is just a number so you can learn to fly kite above the shallow lagoon at the surfing school all year round.

Nature lovers are attracted to the enriched bird world as well as the unique landscape of low muddy and sandy shores with moorland parts of exceptional importance for Croatia and Europe. Long relaxing walks through untouched nature along with the unforgettable sunsets are all a part of the memories which you will carry in your heart forever .

Nin, the legendary town has it all for a pleasurable life and an extraordinary holiday.


If you prefer to enrich your individual holiday program with new discoveries, our agency will take care of it and you will go to sea with the local fishermen, learn to watch birds, play the local tambourine instrument, take part in professional photography courses, learn to prepare the local specialties, become a painter for several days or be part of the art colony, visit the local donkey farm etc. Info:

Runner Up:
Mellieħa, Malta

Perched on a series of hills on the north-west of Malta lies the idyllic locality of Mellieħa, a European Destination of Excellence (EDEN). Today Mellieħa has a community of over 10,000 inhabitants and comprises the hamlet of Manikata and Selmun.

Surrounded by green plush valleys and the crystal clear blue seas of the Mediterranean, Mellieħa is quickly establishing itself as a destination for all seasons. Whether out for a walk along the rural country trails, visiting the historic Marian Sanctuary or one of the many local forts dotting the coastline, a quick dip in the blue waters of Mellieħa Bay or the other 12 surrounding bays, or during one of the very popular activities organised by the Mellieħa Local Council, this locality has a lot to offer.

Mellieħa has a lovely character and pictoresque energy that provides you with a new life in Malta as well as offering you all amenities for a comfortable holiday. A relaxing walk around Mellieħa’s core village is very interesting, informative and full of history. Amongst other attractions one can visit the National Shrine of Our Lady, which is amongst the 20 Marian Shrines in the European Marian network and the World War II shelters. Stop for a nice coffee with fantastic sceneries and meet the friendly local people. Almost all residents speak fluent English and are very proud of our culture. They definitely make you feel at home.

In our village one can find various heritage trails leading to our heritage sites such as the Tunnara Museum, St. Agatha’s Tower also known as the Red Tower and the White Tower which were built during the time of the Knights of St. John.

For bird and wildlife lovers a visit to the Għadira Nature Reserve is a must. Our lovely, both rocky or sandy beaches can be enjoyed all through the year because the days tend to be warm and the sun shines, at least for a short time, almost all year round. Two most popular beaches that hold a Blue Flag are Għadira Bay and Golden Bay. Mellieħa is flanked on three of its sides by the sparkling blue Mediterranean sea making it also a perfect destination for trekking, walking and hiking. It’s just 5 to 10 minutes drive away from Ċirkewwa, where you can easily hop on the ferries to visit sister islands Gozo and Comino. Thirteen hotels, various apartments and B&Bs are found in our village some offering all inclusive with special prices, especially during low seasons.

The Mediterranean cuisine is easily found in one of the many restaurants found in Mellieħa, which will surely leave the visitor with a good taste and provide that much needed superb gastronomic experience. Whilst making the most out of the local produce such as fresh fish, herbs, honey, wine and salt, the chefs in this typical village are spoilt for choice in providing the tourist with such an experience.

With its typical village square and the commanding church, quaint village houses and picturesque views over the bay and ridges Mellieħa is surely the place for your next visit. Mellieħa is truly a destination for all seasons.