Best Practice in Good practice about sustainable tourism indicator implementation

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Winner :
Scaterry Island

At Scattery Island we are continaully focused improving our visitor experience in a sustainable manner. The following are the services we have introduced to visitors that support our goal to offer the best visitor experience in the most sustainable manner.

We offer a packed lunch service for guests, which we present in a little cooler bag with a cross body strap. This keeps the lunch cool and fresh while visitors are on the island. These lunches are made for us by a local cafe and all made from local produce. Inside the sandwich is wrapped in recycled brown paper and tied with a string! Guests are asked to put any rubbish back into the cooler pack and return it to us when they arrive back. This ensures that we minimise the impact of rubbish on the island.

Our team also carry out a monthly Clean Coasts Initiative during the tourist season, when we walk the shoreline of the island and collect the rubbish that has washed up on the shoreline. We also promote and operate a strict Leave No Trace policy.

Onboard our passenger ferry, we ensure that all our Tea/Coffees are served in fully compostable cups and lids.

For children and school tours, we produce education material which includes a colour page on the back featuring some of the wildlife on the island. The material also includes a treasure trail that entertains the children while educating them on the importance of the delicate natural environement on this island.

We work with the local Governement offices in applying for EU funding to support the funding of projects to protect the important structures that remain on this island which date back to the 5th century.

New for 2019: We have invested in foreign audio tours that can be downloaded from our website while on the island, elimating the production of these little plastic hand held audio devices. This service is due to be launched on our website in April. All of these foreign audio tours were written and recorded locally.

Also new for 2019: We’ve partnered with local retailers in the town to offer visitors to Scattery Island a 10% discount instore when showing their ticket to Ferry. It is hoped that this will encourage visitors to dwell longer in the town and provide an economic boost for lcoal retailers.

Runner Up:

The Mellieħa Local Council has joined forces with the Project Resilient Communities as it believes that by implementing this project together with initiatives already being undertaken, will enhance the village of Mellieħa and ensure sustainable tourism within the locality in the long term.

The whole concept is to create a local tourist project solely for Mellieħa. The idea is that one could use as advertising an already existing app  of the Mellieħa Local Council , the creation of tourists leaflets highlighting what to see in Mellieħa.

This leaflet could highlight what to see in Mellieħa on foot, it should also tackle 60+ people, highlight the Mellieħa for Eco tourism, especially for walking and cycling tours, Geo- Trekking. In this initiative we can also include the children of Mellieħa school.

The second idea is the creation of Cultural tours tailor made for Mellieħa, whereby visiting places such as the Mellieħa Parish Square, Sanctuary  Square where they will visit the National Marian Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mellieħa, the historical White Tower and St. Agatha’s Tower, and the non-urban areas of L- Aħrax tal Mellieħa, Park tal-Majjistral and Popeye Village. These cultural tours can be done using our traditional heritage Maltese buses which have undergone an external restoration and interior refurbishment and are now Euro 5 compliant and fitted with an LPG system to provide a more environmentally-friendly service.

For the third idea we are working on  Summer Eco Tours with boat trips, with the possibility of even involving children, besides seeing Mellieħa by sea and also visiting the Tunnara Museum, situated at Mellieha Bay.

We will be creating new advertising materials and leaflets which promotes Mellieħa. This material will be distributed mainly by the Mellieħa Malta Tourism Authority office located in the centre of Mellieħa and also to be given to the main hotel lobbies in Mellieħa to be distributed between the guests.

Thus this project will enhance more our input towards more efficient sustainable tourism.