Daruvar-Central mud bath, photo S.Brajković.jpg

Bjelovar-Bilogora County

Bjelovar-Bilogora Country is probably the only Croatian county where you can come from more directions then there are sides of the world, which undoubtedly says a lot about openness and hospitality of its people. There are far more reasons for coming and staying there than just yellow fields, green meadows, blue fish-ponds, vineyards and natural forests; it was also several times awarded with Green flower by Croatian National Tourist Board for excellent decoration of our towns, parks and house plots. Our towns and municipalities are picturesque places scattered around the gentle hills of Bilogora, Papuk and Moslavina, each with its own preserved stories of the past. The area of Daruvar has healed the body and mind even at the time of old Romans. With warm baths, mineral mud, massages and walks you will be as good as new. Mild and pleasant climate are waiting for you – hiking trails, cycling, horseback riding. In this area people have al ways had quality food and drink. On Bilogora and Daruvar wine route you should taste aromatic wines and traditional home-cuisine. Wherever you come, people will show you that the hospitality is in their heart.