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The municipality of Kuršumlija is situated in the central part of southern Serbia, while the town of Kuršumlija is located at the confluence of the Kosanica and Banjska Rivers with the Toplica. The most important traffic route is the E-80 (Niš-Priština) motorway. Kuršumlija is 65 km away from Niš. It covers the area of 952 km² and the population of 19 213 people (according to 2011 census).


In the ancient Roman times, Kuršumlija bore the name AD FINES. In Byzantine times it was called TOPLICE and was the seat of Toplice Bishoprics. It was first mentioned in written documents in 1019. In the medieval period, between the year of 1159 and 1165, it was the first capital of Stefan Nemanja who built there his first two monasteries (Saint Nikolas and Holy Mother of God) and he coated the domes with lead which was reflecting light and therefore the place was called BELE CRKVE (White Churches). During Turkish rule, the settlement was named KURSHUMLU-KILISE, later on KURŠUMLJE, and finally, after liberation from the Turks in 1878, it retained the name KURŠUMLIJA. During the World War I, the place became known from its „Iron Regiment“ and by the Toplica Insurrection raised here in 1917.

Archeological Site of Late Antiquity basilica: This is a major historical monument from the Byzantine times, built during the reign of Tsar Justinian (527-565).It is situated near the Niš-Priština motorway, about 300m awayfrom the crossroads – the turning towards Kuršumlija.