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The position of this region is conditioned both by a variety of tourist attraction and the tourist route of  movement. This region is related to the East-Mediterranean direction, which is the route that connects Western and Central Europe with the Middle Estern Mediterranean. The region of Pirot municipality itself is surrounded by the Balkan Mountains from the north and north-estern side with the highest peak Midzor (2,169 meters).The southern and southwestern edge of the basin is the spurs of Vlach Mountain (1,442 meters) and Suva Mountain (1,809 meters) while the northwest of Pirot basin is surrounded by the spurs of SvrljigMauntain (1,334 meters).


An ancient road, known as Via Militaris (military road) or Caričin drum later,passed trought this area.This city, going troughtdifferent  time periods, was named differently. Durin the Roman Empirein the III and IV century, it was named TURRES (tower); among other names are: Pyrgos, Thurib, Momcilov grad and Kale.The name of the fortress in Pirot today is Kale.