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Alba Iulia

Alba Iulia, known also as Romaniaʼ s Other Capital, is located in the center of Romania, in the heart of Transylvania. Based on archeological investigation Alba Iulia ʼ s teritory seems to have been continuously inhabited from the Neolithic and up until now. Alba Carolina Citadel, which has been involved in a large-scale restoration process since 1998, restored and promoted by the Municipality of Alba Iulia, become the central point of the city and the most important touristic attraction. We invite you to discover how we live and party inside our lovely and famous citadel, join us to more and more music/film/you name it ,festivals, taste food and drink great Romanian vines . Alba Iulia deserves to be discovered and appreciated at its true value, for the complete way in which past rises the present and flows into the future.
Come to Transylvania, come to Alba Iulia.

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