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Bio and geodiversity of the Natural Park of Faial is object of admiration by all visitors. The Park is filled with sweeping landscapes, unique birds, plants, Laurel Forests and precious habitats found nowhere else in the world. Remarkable geological formations and geosites age between 800.000 and 58 years old volcanos. The sea of Faial is an extraordinary mosaic of colors, shadows, smells, sounds, silences and emotions, and emblematic in the life forms it holds, such as cetaceans, seabirds, sharks and all its other inhabitants. Created in 2008, the mission of the Natural Park is to preserve this magnificent natural and cultural heritage received from the coexistence between man and nature, based on a sustainable and lasting development. The Park includes iconic environmental centers to help interpret the geology, marine biology, botany, whaling and culture of the island. Beautiful walking trails and cultural circuits allow the island visitor to discover it step-by-step. There is also a wide range of activities offered by local partners from whale watching, dolphin swimming, scuba diving, diving with sharks, sailing, glass bottom boat, canyoning, guided trails, jeep tours, horse riding, rustic golf, mountain biking, orienteering, totalizing 750 daily activities.