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Fiskars Village

Fiskars Village founded in 1649, was one of the first Finnish ironworks and forerunners of industry. The village was known for producing not only iron, but later on also quality cutlery, knifes and of course the orange handled scissors. Today the village is a unique and versatile destination where design, art and handicraft meet nature, history and architecture. Here at the birth site of Fiskars company you can enjoy several days filled with experiences for all you senses.

The region has attracted craftspeople and artistic-minded individuals for centuries, and Fiskars is today well known as a center of Finnish art and design. The Onoma cooperative was established in Fiskars in 1996 and its 113 members all live or work in the area. There are over 30 boutiques and workshops where one can find local craft products and unique design items.

At the local distillery’s tap room, you can taste local beers, ciders and spirits made from natural ingredients and seasoned with local herbs and berries. Cozy and comfortable environment offers a great variety of treats for food lovers. Quality restaurants serve visitors all year round to highlight every visit, carrying on a long culinary tradition that is also present on seasonal events concentrating on local and organic products.

Fiskars Village is located in a beautiful river valley, surrounded by lakes, forests and cultural landscapes. Nature trails can be enjoyed by walking or on a mountain bike that can be rented from the Fiskars Village Trail center. Mountain bike trails covers almost 70 kilometers and some interesting walks include the tree spotting path introducing 23 different species found in the area.

Fiskars Village is situated 90 km west of Helsinki and can be reached by car or public transportation and taxi.