Mincio Park

A natural treasure chest that wraps up the Mincio rives in its middle section, intertwined stretches of water which grow into lake and then back into the river: the Regional Natural Reserve “Mincio Valleys”, in Lombardy, a little gem of excellences, old villages and records that equals the more famous regions of Camargue or the Po Delta. Mincio Valleys, in the heart of the northern italian plain, between the Garda lake and the Po river and at the core of Mincio Park, are one of the widest and among the most important freshwater wetlands in Italy. On the background, Mantua, the realm-city of the Gonzaga, framed by hygrophilus grasslands, groves of reeds and fens. A swamp environment inhabited by herons, diurnal birds of prey, grebes, swans and also magnificent storks. Colorful mosaics adorn this paradise on earth: white water lilies, hibiscus blossoms and the floating isles of lotus flowers blooming in all their exotic charm during summer months. An environment which is perfect to be explored either on a motorboat or in a canoe, or quietly by bike. On the banks, the villages of Rivalta and Grazie that show a century-long harmonious cohabitation of men and the river, cultural traditions and sustainable tourism.