The Mostviertel region is situated in the southwestern part of Lower Austria. Fermented pear cider (“Most”) is known as its typical beverage and-at the same time-as namesake of the area. With about 300,000 pear trees marking the landscape, “perry district” is the largest pear-growing region of Middle Europe. More than 300 sorts of pears are cultivated, around 30 of them are refined to high-quality pear ciders und fine spirits. Pears and apples are essential parts in Mostviertel cuisine, but also fruity white wines and products made from Cornelian cherry underline the richness of Mostviertel nature.
Covering an area of 5,500 square kilometres, Mostviertel leads up from low-lying plains near the river Danube in the north to almost 2,000 metres high pinnacles of the Prealps in the south. In its midst, one finds a rolling countryside with lots of slopes and hills. On their tops, majestic four-sided farmsteads (“Vierkanthöfe”) throne over a lovely calm scenery.