Moulins, a Town of Art and History and a town of character !

Established in the year 990, the town of Moulins is today a very charming town which still has very many treasures, in the very center of France.

Moulins’ crowning glory was when it was the seat of the Duchy of Bourbon, from 1327 to 1527. When headed by Peter II and Anne of France, the eldest daughter of Louis XI, the court was brimming with the most renowned artists from the start of the Renaissance period.

Today, everywhere in Moulins you will find evidence of the patronage of the Dukes, just by wandering about. Stroll around peacefully in the cobblestoned streets of the

old town, taking in houses with timber frames and the large private residences and buildings.  As you walk along, you will get glimpses of the town’s five centuries of history, from the Middle Ages to the 15th century and on to Art Nouveau at the start of the 20th, which saw Gabrielle Chanel become the famous fashion designer “Coco” Chanel in Moulins.

Since 2005, several top listed cultural places give access to unique collections, places and exhibitions creating though an original and well structured tourism supply : National center for stage costumes, the 19th century private house Maison Mantin, the museum of illustration for children books, the museum of the Visitation order, …