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Our Partners

European Best Destination

European Best Destinations  is a European organisation based in Brussels and developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe. In partnership with the participating tourism offices and the EDEN Network we promote a better understanding of the wealth, diversity and quality of European destinations through Social Media Management.

Green Destination

It is our purpose too to create partnership to destinations that enhance sustainability with focus on environment protection.

European Travel Commission (ETC)

ETC is the non-profit organisation responsible for the promotion of Europe as a tourist destination in long-haul markets. Its members are the National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) of 33 European countries, including 25 EU member states.

ETC undertakes three basic activities: consumer advertising, market research and advocacy. The organisation initiates marketing activities to promote pan-European products and themes, which are complementary to the individual marketing actions of its members. You can find inspiring pieces of pan–European content on its portal.


DestiNet is an independent portal which brings together the global community of people and organisations working for making tourism more sustainable.

Tourism Manifesto

Eden Network AISBL has signed this Manifesto. European public and private tourism stakeholders have united to present this European Tourism Manifesto for Growth & Jobs, a document which highlights the EU policy priorities for the sector in the coming years


Since the foundation in 1983, ECF has had one goal : To promote cycling as a sustainable and healthy means of transportation and recreation. Our roots are in Europe, but the challenges we face are global. We believe the bicycle is a solution to many of the world’s woes. Please take a deepest look also at their project : Eurovelo. Perhaps one of our Eden Destination is already linked with a route !


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