Region of Western Greece

The city of Patra, capital of the Region of Western Greece, is an urban center with vibrant squares, numerous entertainment venues, a variety of cultural activities, and the organizer of the largest Mediterranean carnival.

Archaeological sites, museums, sights, monasteries combined with thematic events, festivals, nightlife and urban neighborhoods give to the visitor a pleasant experience. The visitor’s trip to Patra begins with a tour of the historical sights, the Medieval Castle, the Roman Odeon and the Hammam, which has been operating since 1400 AD, while in the Archaeological Museum of the city will get a complete picture of its history.

Every visitor of the city will be impressed by the architectural gem of Patra, the Municipal Theater of Apollo, work of E. Ziller in 1830, and will be enchanted by the Church of St. Andreas, the largest temple of Orthodoxy in the Balkans, with the wonderful arts and architecture. The visitor’s experience is completed with a ride to Rio and the enjoyment of the unique view of the Rio-Antirion Bridge, which is a 21st century landmark of Greece.