Scattery Island

Located just off Kilrush in Co. Clare, and now ranked on Trip Advisor at #2 on the Top Things to do in Co. Clare, Scattery Island has a wealth of historic sites, including five Churches, a Cathedral, a magnificent Round Tower, Napoleonic War Artillery Battery and a working Lighthouse. Today the island is uninhabited and visitors can explore its ancient historic sites and experience its unspoilt natural beauty in peace and tranquillity.

Scattery is an ideal location for anyone interested in Ireland’s rich history. Visitors will enjoy a guided walking tour around the monastic sites  and learn about St. Senan, who established a monastery there in the 5th Century, the Viking invasions and Brian Boru – the High King of Ireland who defeated the Limerick Vikings in a great battle on Scattery and visit St Senan’s burial ground.

Tours to Scattery Island depart from Kilrush Marina. Sailing time is approximately 30 minutes, which includes 15 minutes to exit through the locke gates at the marina and just a short 15 minutes sailing time. Guests have the option of 2.5 hours or 5 hours on the island.