Specchia is a country with ancient roots, monuments and landscapes among the best in the Salento. Thanks to its charming village, which is located in a strategic position, overlooking the valley below, the old town of Specchia, is considered among the best in the province. The narrow streets closed to traffic and interrupted by flight of stairs enclose a household to a large extent the result of spontaneous architecture that has come almost intact until the present day. There are many monuments that you can visit that leave visitors spellbound. The most striking part of the village is behind the Risolo castle, where between steps and short and narrow streets, the alleys and courtyards, there is the life of the people, usually outdoors, leaving the dreams behind the half-closed windows. Specchia is in every season, the scene of many cultural events, folk, show that make it even more attractive for tourist that goes intothe charm of this Italian hidden. Because our territory is located far from the sea, all actions are turn to entice tourists to stop and visit the artistic and cultural potential of our common unexpressed. The summer season in particular, becomes a scene of numerous events copyright including theater, music, dance, sports, cinema and tradition.