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Stancija 1904

Nearby Savičenta, rich with history and culture, on the altitude of 266 meters above the sea, in a village of Smoljanci counting 173 souls, stands the property called Stancija 1904. Its name discovers the age of a massive stone house which was refurbished under a careful eye of architects due to a wish of owners to keep a heritage untouched. House is surrounded by the 4000 m2 garden growing 127 plants.
„Stancija“ is an expression used in Istria to describe a special kind of countryside house with garden, sort of a luxurious rural retreat renovated in the authentic Istrian style. On the estate of Stancija 1904 there is a main stone house and three smaller stone houses with apartments offering accommodation for 17 persons in total. All the units are categorized with 4 stars and adjusted to disabled guests.
Estate is located on a flank on the historical attraction – an old railway along which an old train with wooden benches still operates seven times a day, resembling to tram more than train. In this train tickets are from carton like in 19th century and small money is kept in metal box from sardines. Engine man lives in a house next to the station, his work and life going hand in hand, just like daily life and living go together on Stancija 1904.
A main thought on Stancija 1904 is „life in rhythm of the nature“. This rule is confirmed at each step: from decoration to gastronomy based on two statements – use of seasonal ingredients exclusively and nourishing regional Istrian cuisine. All the ingredients, cheese, meat, eggs, vegetables, olive oil, fruits, prosciutto, sausages and fish come from small producers in surroundings. Therefore, here you will be served only what nature offers in that particular moment.
Main ingredient added to all and making all function is love – owners are doing what they love and what they believe in.