The Ebro Delta

The Ebro delta offers a surprisingly, rich and unique variety of natural landscapes. It is scenery of a great biological richness that receives a diversity of fauna and flora of an inestimable value. With 320 km2 of surface, constitutes the most extensive aquatic habitat of the Catalan lands and represents an enclave of vital importance within wetlands of the Mediterranean. The uniqueness of the Ebro Delta is expressed by its physical reality, geographic, natural and also, by its particular traditions, the culture, the architectural heritage and the history. The Ebro Delta and the Natural Park are privileged places, both for the attractive of its natural beaches and the coast that invite to the rest and the relaxation, as for the discovery of the sustainable tourism experiences, with a wide range of interesting and original activities that can be performed personally or guided and so, enjoy the landscapes resources, the nature and the culture. The Ebro Delta cuisine, based on a large variety of products such as the rice, the seafood, the fish, salt and the vegetables.