In the East, Eden

Here, at the summit of Belgium, by the borders of the Romanic and Germanic areas, you will find an unusual destination, sparkled with a lot of (good) surprises.

Before all, you’ll find a wild and extensive nature reserve, wild gorgeous landscapes and wonderful historic sites.

Here, history is rich, sometimes painful or not yet uncovered. You will encounter stories from the past around each corner: medieval castles, old border markers, Prussian train stations,…

You will also find plenty of local and authentic produce, a lot of craftsmanship, award-winning restaurants and a wide selection of great accommodation.

Activities are plentiful in all weather: cross-country skiing in Botrange and downhill skiing in Ovifat are the popular choices in the winter. In clearer weather, a wide array of walks and hikes is available, as well as numerous bikes paths exploring the forests and nearby villages. During the summer, you’ll enjoy a dip in the lake of Robertville.

Aside from those activities, High Fens are renowned for its gourmet food. Waimes won the “EDEN” price (European Destination of ExcelleNce)” in 2015 for its tourism and local gastronomy.

This European award was granted on the basis of tourism opportunities and exceptional dining, as well as exemplary collaboration between restaurateurs, producers and industry players. With 28 restaurants, including 9 in the Michelin guide (one starred), and 4 in Gault Millau, Waimes is proud to be highly ranked amongst towns of under 10,000 people in Wallonia.
An impressive list of over 30 of the local terroir products illustrates the dynamism of the region: cheeses, trout, beer, venison, pasta, chocolates, red meat and artisan bread.